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Heretics: Non-free version of skoleknoppix?

Dear List,

taking into consideration the discussion about dropping non-free 
packages (or just watching them drop) on the one hand, but regarding 
the fact that our curriculum provides non-free stuff like teaching java 
(http://packages.debian.org/unstable/devel/eclipse-sdk is a 
contrib-ide, but only testing) on the other hand, makes me feel like 
there is still a long way to go.

Just a counter-stream though I had on this: If it is true that debian is 
mainly reknown for its easy mode of installing or updating (dpkg or 
apt-get), and if it is true that almost everything we want is debian 
packages, plus providing that each school nowardays have a flat-rate 
connection to the internet: Why we bother squeezing bit for bit on one 
CD? How about having the setup script collecting the desired 
eduscational software from some apt-sources? 

If so: What should be left on the CD then? The installer itself, right, 
a basical debian system to connect to the net - and: those software 
that is NOT available as debian package. This would be really helpfull 
from the user's point of view.

I am quite aware that this statement is quite provoking to most of us 
(including myself) - but it has its point, hasn't it?

Now you :)

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