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Re: Translations of webmin modules

Thanks for your job it will be very helpfull.

> webmin-ltsp:
>      strangeness here:
>      en -> 247 strings
>      de -> 280
>      es -> 306
>      fr -> 265
>      it -> 303
>      no -> 305
>      se -> 303
>  -> obviously some things are seriously out of sync here. I've 
> assumed that 
> the lang/en file is the authorative source regarding which strings 
> to 
> translate, can anyone who knows what's going on her confirm this?

Yes, they are duplicated strings. The authoritative is en where there is
not duplication.

AFAIK, in new version of webmin-ltsp some strings are deduced from
other strings, so duplication is avoided. 

For example one does not need to translate "XkbLayout_fr" as it 
is deduced from the  'fr' string. I guess it is to avoid duplicating
translation work.

Christian can you confirm?

I guess it is not necessary anymore now as we can use gettext for 
translation (ie Gettext is able to avoid this duplicated translation)


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