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Re: About complexity in WLUS :-)

> The initial idea behind groups in Skolelinux was to do it as simple as
> possible. Teachers and pupils should be enough after a good tip from
> Kjetil Homme that works at USIT. I think Andreas Schuldei came with
> the idea of independent sys.admin. for maintaining users. Also this is
> easy and totally OK. Then a teacher suggested a class-map for sharing
> files in one class. Also this is OK. But then the complexity hits in,
> and we have to handle strict limitations because of the
> mandatory limitations in NFS and other real life situations [admintime/

I am not aware of the ideas from the other people you mentioned, but I
would also prefer to steer clear from too much complexity.

I read this idea of a scipt to distribute files to users homedirectories
temporarily chmoding the directories. I started shivering...

But with little different way in implementing it might be a nice
solution. Keeping user administration for collaborating, sharing,
distributing and collecting work in a school setting much more simple.

Skolelinux already uses private groups and umask 002.

For distribution and collection if /etc/skel and therefore every
homedirectory contained an additional directory besides /pub (for 
easy sharing *) and /priv (for private data *)
like this:

/incoming   drwt--s-wx   peter peter

everyone could give a file to Peter (and all others) but on his own
user quota* (*=without chmod hassle).

By the same mechanism pupils can submit their work to teachers
(authenticated, with timestamp and safe from modifications)

In cases collaboration and traditional file sharing is wanted
Group/Project directories on another volume with group-quotas seem more appropriate.

/group/class-XYZ   drwxrws---   admin class-XYZ

> user-admin.system, and keep it as simple as posible.

With the above what more complex things are needed than
creating users and class/project groups?
(that automaticly get a /home or /group dir)

File Distribution can then be done by a different tool that fetches
the group members and copies files to members' /incoming dir.

Do you think somthing like that would be viable?

> client didn't came up. Instead of calling our people, the municipal
> IT-staff replaced a fully functional Skolelinux-system with
> Windows.

Uhh, maybe they really don't deserve better then. Lets hope 
users/teachers start to bug them with things they want to do, things
easy and freely done in Skolelinux.
We can't nor should force IT staff to use Free Software, we only can and
should provide ladders, so they can see the outside world and breathe
freely :)

> When we are operating in a hostile and very Windows-friendly
> environment,

In a sense, yes. But I think we should try not to think like that.
More as, yes, a incredible large number of people operate in such a
hostile environment. But what we believe is that we can operate outside of
such an enviroment. And allow those still in it, to break free. More and
more easily as development progresses and as long as we can prevent IP laws
that harm society and economy for the sole benefit of a few.
(I.g. Laws and policies securing only the individual freedoms of powerful
corporations to invade general public rules and liberties.)


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