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Technical threads on norwegian list (Was: Is Skolelinux safe?)

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Markus Gamenius wrote:
| tir, 09.03.2004 kl. 13.03 skrev Andreas Schuldei:
|>Jonas, thank you for taking the efford of summarizing the thread
|>from the norwegian list.
|><sarcasm and annoyance>
|>i read it partly but i did not get the
|>impression that people really cared for input from other (english
|>speaking) people and the competence level was not above average
|>all the time, either.
|>I wondered why the discussion was conducted on that list in the
|>first place, and concluded it was more for entertainment and
|>chit-chat because people would *of cause* not want to be rude by
|>excluding anyone from the discussion by using "private" languages.
|></sarcasm and annoyance>
| Sometimes discussions like theis starts on the norwegian list because
| the one who starts the discussion is no developer and/or do not know
| about the developer list. Other times it is because they do not want to
| write in english. So we are trying to force this kind of discussions
| over to the right list ass we did this time. The problem is that we use
| to much time before we do this. Working on it    ;-)

Skolelinux being an open forum, I find it valuable to know more details
of your last sentence, "working on it" (especially if you are referring
to Skolelinux officially).

Personally I have found the following approach to be of best use (all
items, in that order):

~ 1) Avoid responding to too technical stuff on user list
~ 2) Instead, post response on tecnical list
~ 3) Advertise on user list your posting on technical list
~ 4) Cc your technical posting to suspected non-developers
~ 5) In both postings offer norwegian translation upon personal request

That way you...

~ * Respect those uneasy with norwegian
~ * Respect those uneasy with english (unless you are too lazy)
~ * Respect users uninterested in technical details
~ * Respect developers not (yet) aware of the technical list
~ * Help switch list using curiousity (not yelling or force)
~ * Help avoid threads becoming pseudo-techical
~ * Help avoid laziness keeping a bad thread alive

In essense, you do much good and hurt only those being lazy and/or rude!

I deliberately post this to (what I consider) the technical list, as I
do not want to bother users with its "technical details" ;-) .

In the above I refer to the norwegian linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no as
"user list" and the english debian-edu@lists.debian.org as "technical
list. I do not know if that interpretation is mine alone.

I propose the purposes of the two different lists (whatever they are
officially) to be more aggressively advertised, especially upon wrong usage.

~ - Jonas

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