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Re: Restore virket på private kataloger

On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 04:47:26PM +0100, Knut Yrvin wrote:

> Har gjort en mikrotest av oppdatert system for sikkerhetskopier. Det virket 
> å gjøre en restore på hjemmekatalogen (fra flere forskjellige datoer).

<english translation>
I have done a microscopical test of the updated packages for
backup. It worked to do restore on my homedir (from different
</english translation>

Ok, great! I've not run into any problems myself either. Then I'll
move the new packages of rdiff-backup (v0.13.3.jgoerzen-3) from
woody-test to the stable Skolelinux archives.

(For those of you know rdiff-backup and wonders "why does he want to
use a development version of rdiff-backup in Skolelinux", the answer
is that there are some small bugs in the version we are using now,
and I've been in contact with the Debian maintainer of rdiff-backup,
John Goerzen, and he ment that the 0.13.3.jgoerzen-3 package was
stable enough for production.)

- Werner

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