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Re: webmin-ltsp update

Quoting Hilaire Fernandes <cddp40.tice@ac-bordeaux.fr>:
> Therefore I have just updated the  webmin-ltsp in CVS to verison 0.5.99
> (actual SLX version is 0.5.2). The old version can still be accessed
> using sticky tag rel-0_5_2.
> As with new package, there are new strings to translate, please
> translators consider udpating locale files at
> skolelinux/src/webmin-ltsp/ltsp/lang/ in the Skolelinux CVS.
> Concerning the ltsp-floppyd package it is in skolelinux/src/rebuilds.


I'm the maintainer of webmin-ltsp. As I don't find the necessary time to
maintain the package myself, I'd offer to move the webmin-ltsp development tree
to Skolelinux CVS, as I see it as a good way to have it tested, translated and
bugs fixed without needing my constant attention.

Concerning the translations, I'd like to mention that there's a new format for
the strings. We had the problem that translations looked like
Y = Yes
N = No
But N can also mean 'None', so the format has changed to (sorry, I don't
remember the precise names, just an example here):

So there's a good reason behind the new stuff.

Any comments?


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