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Re: Not a discussion list?

>From cobaco on Tuesday, 2004-03-02 at 14:00:57 +0100:
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> > Several school teachers complainted about unavailablity of
> > Educational softwares in the Distrbutions they uses. So I searched
> > a lot for an Education GNU/Linux. Freeduc from ofset seems tobe
> > good for demonstration, but not enough for our schools.
> >
> > So We decided to make one ourselves. The very first version
> > is almost ready, and we wish to continue the effort.
> > (Not yet uploaded, will be done in three weeks). Its based on
> > Morphix, a fine solution to get debian GNU/Linux installed.
> If you guys are working on livecd for education you should talk to
> Conrad Newton, he's the one doing the skoleknoppix CD (more or less a
> livecd version of the skolelinux workstation profile)

Hi, that's me.  The CDs that Bart is referring to are here:


The first is the Debian unstable version of skolelinux-workstation,
the second is a more entertainment-oriented educational CD I made
for my 14-year old step-daughter.  Both have a lot of educational
software, but skoleknoppix has in addition teTeX and development 
tools, while snofrix has more games.  Both are based on KDE 3.1.5.
Package lists are contained in the above directories.

The default language for both CDs is Norwegian, but English is
also supported with the boot option:

knoppix lang=us


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