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Bug#235734: debian-edu-config: Should have versioned conflict with debian-edu-install

Package:  debian-edu-config
Version:  0.363
Severity: serious

When trying to upgrade debian-edu-config and debian-edu-install, I got
the following error message:

  Unpacking replacement debian-edu-config ...
  dpkg: error processing
   trying to overwrite `/usr/sbin/skolelinux-restart-services',
     which is also in package debian-edu-install

The file was moved from debian-edu-install to debian-edu-config, and I
believe one of the packages (or both) need to have a versioned
conflict with the other to make sure the upgrades work as they should.

The upgrade went ok on the next try, because the new version of
debian-edu-install was unpackaged in the first try.

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