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Bug#235734: debian-edu-config: Should have versioned conflict with debian-edu-install

On 2004-03-02 07:53:46+0100, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

: Package:  debian-edu-config
: Version:  0.363
: Severity: serious
: When trying to upgrade debian-edu-config and debian-edu-install, I got
: the following error message:
:   Unpacking replacement debian-edu-config ...
:   dpkg: error processing
:     /var/cache/apt/archives/debian-edu-config_0.363_all.deb
:     (--unpack):
:    trying to overwrite `/usr/sbin/skolelinux-restart-services',
:      which is also in package debian-edu-install
: The file was moved from debian-edu-install to debian-edu-config, and I
: believe one of the packages (or both) need to have a versioned
: conflict with the other to make sure the upgrades work as they should.

I've tried to dig into this versioning matter, and I'm not sure if I
understand how this is going to work. 

For debian-edu-config we should add this:
Conflicts: debian-edu-install (<0.617)

What should we do with the debian-edu-install? Packages after 0.617 have no
conflict. To rebuild 0.616 to add a conflict makes no sense to me. Have I
misunderstood completely now?

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