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Some notes on the current meta packages

On the Debian-Edu CD, the following meta packages are included by

  education-common             - packages we want on all installations
  education-networked          - packages we want on the debian-edu network
  education-main-server        - packages for the main server
  education-workstation        - packages for the workstations
  education-thin-client-server - packages for the thin client servers
  education-standalone         - packages for small standalone installs
  education-standalone-extra   - packages for larger standalone installs

These packages depend on each other like this:

                  /                \
                 /                  \
     education-standalone      education-networked
              |                       /     \
  education-standalone-extra         /       \
                                    /    education-workstation
                   education-main-server        \

This structure work fairly well, but there are some duplications which
it would be good to get rid of.  At the moment, the packages in
education-workstation is almost the same as the packages in
education-standalone and standalone-extra.  It might be a good idea to
split out these common packages into a separate meta package, and have
-workstation and -standlone depend on this instead.

I am also considering splitting up -main-server into service-specific
blocks, to make it easier to move single services into separate hosts.
I'm not sure how to handle this at install time, though.

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