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Re: [Devel] We do need a 'mascot'

> On Monday 23 February 2004 04:18 pm, Kermit Jones wrote:
>> A Kobold doesn't mean much to people outside of Europe.  Not many will
>>  "get it."
> Well, I'm American, and I have no idea what a "kobold" is.  But this
> guy looks sort of like an elf/gnome/fairy creature of some kind, and is
> exceptionally cute.  He makes me think of fairytales, reading, and
> therefore education.

I agree. I like this kobold.

> I'd be happy to clean this up to logo quality in Sketch ("Skencil" now,
> a 2D vector graphics program), if you all would like.  Looks like fun.

Yes, that would be very nice.


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