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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

On Monday 23 February 2004 22:01, Georges Khaznadar wrote:
> Thomas Templin a écrit :
> > > > > http://haef.szm.sk/thing/skolelinux/skole_sketch.jpg
> >
> > What about the Idea for a logo which follows the "Dynamic Duo"
> > http://www.gnu.org/graphics/gnu-and-penguin-color-300x276.jpg
> > lets have a Dynamic Trio. GNU, Skole-elfin, and a Tux. At least a Duo,
> > GNU and the elfin.
> Merging two images ...
> http://developer.ofset.org/cps/Groups/communiques_de_press/slx_mascot

I think the elfin logo is a good idea. In (not only german) fairytales there 
are Kobolde which are known as some kind of good ghosts in a household who do 
all the unpopular homework at night when everybody sleeps. Quite so does 
Skolelinux for a teacher who has to manage a school network. Skolelinux the 
Teachers Kobold.

And most kids like this liitle guys, longing for one who does all the ugly 
homework they have to do for school. :o)

Anyone out there who will be able to make a blender'ed 3D Image of this little 
fellow? Or anybody who knows such a guy?


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