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Re: [Devel] We do need a "mascot"

Op Saterdag de 22 Februaar 2004 22:49, Knut Yrvin schrijft:
> søndag 22. februar 2004, 21:20, skrev Arnt Ove Gregersen:
> > Has there been any progress in selecting a mascot? It would have been
> > nice to have it ready by the release of version Skolelinux 1.0 .
> >
> > I like this one very much.
> >
> > > http://haef.szm.sk/thing/skolelinux/skole_sketch.jpg
> Why not place a Tux there instead?
Hhhm, I like the elfin  very much. Looks very positive. Ask the Kiddies,  I 
will bet for they will aggree... ;o)
Or is it a sprite, goblin, gnome? 
A kind of domestic spirit in German mythology, corresponding to the Scottish 
brownie and the English Robin Goodfellow.  Kobold in German.

What about the Idea for a logo which follows the "Dynamic Duo" 
lets have a Dynamic Trio. GNU, Skole-elfin, and a Tux. At least a Duo, GNU and 
the elfin. 

If I had to choose between another Tux logo or the smart elfin, I would choose 
the elfin, definitely. A unique Logo is always better, so did GNOME, KDE, 
LyX, XFCE and a lot of other big Projects in the past.

Lets be a bit traditional, Skolelinux was started in Norway, so a little elfin 
will remind that. And so does tjener ;o)

Just my 2¢


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