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Re: Bugzilla og nobody@skolelinux.no

Petter Reinholdtsen, 12.02.2004 00:35:

[Vidar Tyldum]

Not sure what you want me to do, but all messages that do not have
debian-edu@lists.debian.org in it's To: or Cc:-fields will be held
back (or rejected, not sure).

This poses two problems, as far as I can see:
	- Bugzilla 'breaks' and the nobody@skolelinux.no address
		can not be used.

I have access to change this in bugzilla, but do not know what it
should be changed to.  The nobody@skolelinux.no forward to
devel@skolelinux.no was used to make it easy to filter out these
messages, while still making sure all developers saw the bugs with no
assigned developer.

I'm open for ideas.

Not sure if it is supported in the Bugzilla we use, but can <URL:http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/html/userpreferences.html> provide a solution?

  You can also do further filtering on the client side by using
  the X-Bugzilla-Reason mail header which Bugzilla adds to all bugmail.
  This tells you what relationship you have to the bug in question, and
  can be any of Owner, Reporter, QAcontact, CClist, Voter and

Vidar Tyldum

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