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Re: Bugzilla og nobody@skolelinux.no

[Vidar Tyldum]
> Not sure what you want me to do, but all messages that do not have
> debian-edu@lists.debian.org in it's To: or Cc:-fields will be held
> back (or rejected, not sure).
> This poses two problems, as far as I can see:
> 	- Bugzilla 'breaks' and the nobody@skolelinux.no address
> 		can not be used.

I have access to change this in bugzilla, but do not know what it
should be changed to.  The nobody@skolelinux.no forward to
devel@skolelinux.no was used to make it easy to filter out these
messages, while still making sure all developers saw the bugs with no
assigned developer.

I'm open for ideas.

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