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Re: new skoleknoppix

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On 2004-02-11 13:41, Conrad Newton wrote:
> A Debian stable version of KDE 3.2 already exists, as does
> a stable version of XFree86 4.3, although neither of these
> can yet be found within the official body of Debian.

actually XFree86 4.3 can be found in experimental (and works great on 
i386 :-)

> Language Support
> ----------------
> My original hope had been to include all of the European
> languages on this CD, but the combination of KDE 3.1.5
> and OpenOffice.org 1.1 was too overwhelming.  :-(
> There is simply not space for everything.  Because I was
> in a hurry, I chose to include only Norwegian and German
> in addition to the default US English.  I could easily
> include 3-5 more languages, depending how big they are.
> When I remake the CD this weekend, there will be more
> languages, but I want some discussion of which languages
> should be included.  Here are various suggestions:

please include French, Dutch and German as these three are official 
languages in Belgium and will thus likely to be spoken by a lot of the 
people attending in Brussels

> 1)  Have KDE support for most European languages, but
>     OpenOffice.org user interface only in English.
> 2)  Fully support 3-5 languages per CD, and make multiple CDs.
>     This is not especially difficult, but several CDs will
>     of course occupy a fair amount of disk space.
> 3)  Build a live DVD.  The technology is essentially the same
>     as for live CDs, but most people do not have a DVD-burner.
>     Nevertheless, even without a DVD-burner, it is possible to
>     download the compressed KNOPPIX image onto your ext2 or FAT
>     partition, and boot from floppy disk.  This is my favorite
>     way to run Knoppix, as it leaves the CD tray empty.

  I Seem to be getting all messages to the list twice since the move
  yesterday, am I the only one experiencing this?
- -- 
Cheers, cobaco
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