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Re: new skoleknoppix

On 2004-02-11 14:07:26+0100, Runar Ingebrigtsen wrote:

: ons, 11.02.2004 kl. 13.41 skrev Conrad Newton:
: > What is the value of this CD?
: > -----------------------------
: > 
: > - XFree86 4.3
: > - KDE 3.1.5
: > - OpenOffice.org 1.1
: Any news/progress on these packages for regular Skolelinux?

As Skolelinux tries to be depend on only a few selfmade packages and only
rely on packages in Debian GNU/Linux stable. I guess this will remain the
same until sarge becomes the new stable. 

Am I terribly wrong in this assumption, I will be happy to hear about it :)

«I came out of it dead broke, without a house, without anything except a
girlfriend and a knowledge of Unix.» «Well, that's something. Normally
those two are mutually exclusive»
 - Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

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