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Re: new skoleknoppix

>From Hilaire Fernandes on Wednesday, 2004-02-11 at 14:20:32 +0100:
> Hello Conrad,
> Could you describe in a few word what are the big differences between
> Freeduc and skoleknoppix? If there are no big differences it will make
> sense to merge our effort.

I would have to back and review the package lists.  From what I
can recall, there is a lot of similarity.

The main difference that I can think of is that whereas skolelinux
and skoleknoppix use KDE, Freeduc uses xfce.  The advantage of KDE
is that the user interface has much better native language support
and integration of applications, the disadvantage that it is heavier.  

In a school with very limited computer resources, they might be best off
with icewm, as often discussed on the LTSP mailing lists.

I will examine the situation more closely and get back to you later.

> Also as the name may suggest it, can you tell us how far you have been
> in integrating Skolelinux services within the live cd ? (LDAP, Webadmin,

I hope that most of the client programs are already in place, since
skoleknoppix is based on education-workstation.  But you are talking
about including education-main-server and education-thin-client-server.  
That is not yet done.

I plan to do more work in this direction, but it will require some care
to make sure that everything is properly configured, and that all the
pieces work well together.  I expect it will be a _lot_ more work,
if we really want everything to work automatically and perfectly.

For the present, I have only a few of the basic servers, apache, bind,
smail rather than exim---only because smail was preconfigured by Klaus
Knopper, and I was in a hurry.  MySQL is not present, for example.


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