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Tux Math development rises from the grave :^)

It's been literally 17 months since I last worked on
"Tux, of Math Command."  (Right around the time of the September 11th

TuxMath is a 'Missile Command' style arcade game which prompts the user
with math problems that they must answer quickly.  The game design was by
Sam Hart of the Tux4Kids project; designer of Tux Typing.

The major feature which has been lacking all this time (much to the
frustration of parents and teachers who wanted to use it) has been a
way of setting game options.

Well, I've finally started creating it!  The current code is available
via SourceForge CVS.  A screenshot is here:


More general information on "Tux, of Math Command" is online here:


Tux4Kids' website is here:


Once I've had time to finish the features, do more tweaking, and
get response from any testers out there, I'll be releasing a source
tarball (which means RPM, Debian, Windows, Mac and BeOS packages are
not long to come).

Sorry to all of you who've been waiting for over a year and a half for
me to get back to work on this project.  (I hope you at least have
enjoyed Vectoroids and Tux Paint in the meantime. ;^) )

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