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Re: What do you want to do

>On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>>It would be great if each of you could respond (either
>>privately or publicly if you prefer) to those questions :

Oddly, I never received this...
>1. Are you a debian developer ?

No, I am an English teacher in CT, USA with less than a year of Linux use experience.
My only development experience whatever is webdev and pretty amateur at that.

>2. If no, would you like to become a developer in order to
>   maintain some packages ?

I'm certainly willing to learn, but I am afraid that being a teacher, grad uate student and single parent leaves me with little time to devote to it.  I wish I had more time, as I am really eager to learn, frankly.

>3. Do you have packaging skills/experience ?

no skills, no experience...only willingness to learn

>4. If you're a Debian developer, are you willing to sponsor
>   people who packages educational software ?
>I'm not a debian developer.
>5. Are you willing to write/translate documentation for educational
>   software ?

Afriad I don't really knjow enough to even write documentation, but, I do speak several languages. (How well is debateable)

>6. What area in the big educational landscape are of special interest
>   for you (math, physics, biology, languages, etc.) ?

Well, I  am a 7th grade (11-12 year olds) Language Arts teacher. ..

>7. Freestyle question. What else would you like to do within DebianEdu ?
>   What do you expect from DebianEdu ?

I really would like to learn how to conribute to development and even documentation.
Also, I distribute various OSS on CD from my site, http://www.school-library.net , so I am willing to promote and distribute software to schools in the US.
I wish to contribute to the toppling of hte evil empire, M$, and, especially, relesasing their stranglehold on our schools.

tony b

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