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Re: What do you want to do

Dear Jacqueline,

I had no idea that things had taken off so well.  Thankyou very
much for such an informed mail, such great information and links.
I'm really grateful.

Patrick Lesslie

PS  I'm sure things will continue to work well in parallel.
Debian's very compatible ;-)

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Jacqueline McNally wrote:

> I have recently joined this list as I too would like to contribute and
> assist the project to move forward. I have also put my hand up on the SEUL
> list to sort out there what is ready to package. Hopefully these tasks will
> work in parallel with DebianEdu.
> I'm still finding my way about, but I can assist with some of your queries:
> >I'm talking a lot, but I've only just started to look into this
> >kind of thing, and so I'm not really confident about approaching
> >schools yet.  What I would like to be able to do is put the
> >maintenance of Debian networks into the hands of teachers and
> >students, so that they won't rely on outside contracts for help.
> >I'm looking for some other people to work with.
> >I want to know about existing movements in this direction, and
> >to be able to point out success stories of Linux (and especially
> >Debian) in schools.
> A lot of people that attended the EducationaLinux mini-conf
> (http://plug.linux.org.au/~leonb/lca2003/) prior to Linux.conf.au 2003 have
> formed a list to discuss, implement, and assist with a lot of what you are
> trying to achieve.
> The list has been set up by the organiser of the mini-conf:
> http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/allies
> >I'd also like to see Linux contractors being able to take on
> >the kind of large contracts that many of our schools sign, as
> >a kind of direct competition with the contractors that install
> >and maintain networks of mainstream OS.  I'd like to know how,
> >in general, these existing, often multi-year contracts would
> >affect efforts to install linux.  Do they ever have clauses
> >that prohibit the co-networking of other machines, for example?
> Also, in Western Australia we have set up the Society of Linux
> Professionals (Western Australia) Inc (http://www.slpwa.asn.au/) so that
> smaller ICT consultants that promote and encourage the use of OSS including
> Linux can work with or by their peers. We have been able to submit for
> large tenders, now that we know we have the people resources. As yet we
> have not been successful, but just getting the words into the documents is
> providing worthwhile advocacy.
> There is a SLPWA member that is currently rolling out a LTSP in his school
> that we are hoping to showcase.
> But I'm sure that you will find people closer to you either in the
> EducationalLinux mini-conf programme or on the ALLIES list that will be
> able to answer your more specific questions. Policies wrt contracts differ
> from state to state depending who negotiated those contracts.
> All the best
> Jacqueline McNally
> http://mc2.vicnet.net.au/users/zenryaku/
> Community Contact, Australia/New Zealand
> OpenOffice.org Marketing Project
> (www.openoffice.org)
> Are you a computer angel? (www.ca.asn.au)

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