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Re: [Internal Projects] Re: PTS News & DebianEdu's future

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 08:33, Andreas Tille wrote:
> The reason is to offer the education related menus to those who should
> be educated but administrators or teachers might need a different menu.

Not just that, different class levels need different menus, different
schools often need different menus.
The menu system should generally be able to let an adminstrator define
different menus for different groups of users.

The easiest option would be to let a group of users have a certain set
of applications set up for the menus. Another group have another set
defined for them, relative to their needs. 
Each user is then added into one or more groups. 
If a user is member of several groups, the applications mentioned in the
group sets are added up to form a default menu set for that specific
A spanish language teacher can be defined in the groups teacher and
spanish, for example, and have the applications needed by teachers in
general and spanish language users.

Skolelinux defines these groups in an LDAP database, but I'm sure there
are other ways to do this.

Harald Thingelstad

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