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Re: [Internal Projects] Re: PTS News & DebianEdu's future

On 29 Jan 2003, Harald Thingelstad wrote:

> Not just that, different class levels need different menus, different
> schools often need different menus.
> The menu system should generally be able to let an adminstrator define
> different menus for different groups of users.
> ...
This is completely right.

> Skolelinux defines these groups in an LDAP database, but I'm sure there
> are other ways to do this.
I would love if you people could implement this in the next two weeks
when I'm offline because of a photo trip to Iceland. ;-)

To be honest:  My understanding of internal projects is that we want to
provide all those nifty features other projects like Skolelinux invented
*inside* Debian.  This would save the time of those project people and
would provide a general way.  If you had good experiences with LDAP and
found out it would be easy to manage in the intended user field (which
I doubt a little bit - but I might be wrong here) then why not use LDAP.

Kind regards


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