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Re: What do you want to do

[ I know, too late :) ]


On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 02:45:15PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> It would be great if each of you could respond (either
> privately or publicly if you prefer) to those questions :
> 1. Are you a debian developer ?

Not yet.

> 2. If no, would you like to become a developer in order to
>    maintain some packages ?

Yes, I'm in the NM queue.

> 3. Do you have packaging skills/experience ?

I've some private packages and maintain xfstt.

> 4. If you're a Debian developer, are you willing to sponsor
>    people who packages educational software ?
> 5. Are you willing to write/translate documentation for educational
>    software ?

Maybe man pages or some translations to catalan or spanish, but I prefer

> 6. What area in the big educational landscape are of special interest
>    for you (math, physics, biology, languages, etc.) ?

I'll focuse on my computer science university studies. But I'm also
interested in physics, maths, astronomy and maybe others :>

> 7. Freetyle question. What else would you like to do within DebianEdu ?
>    What do you expect from DebianEdu ?

I work on debina-installer when I find time. Would also like to maintain
some packages if sponsered.

Here in Barcelona (Spain), at my university (UAB) we have formed a group
to spread and advocate the use of Free Software in the university, we have
joined forces with another university (UPC). We want the administration
to migrate to Free Software =P

Also there is an interesting project GUNIH [0] (GNU in the Hispanic
Universities), they have a database [1] (not working yet) of software
categories and its propietary counterparts, I think some of you were
searching something like that, they got it from a European Free Software

GUNIH will use the work done by Metadistros [2], they are creating the
needed infrastucture to easily generate live cds (forked from KNOPPIX),
with specific personalized content. There are some DD working on Metadistros.

I'm interested in joining and unifying the forces of all those groups and
try that they don't duplicate efforts, and bring to DebianEdu all that can
be generalized and used by a wider range of people. At least I'll try :)

kind regards,

-- All this links are in spanish
[0] <http://gunih.es.gnome.org/>
[1] <http://www.hispalinux.es/proyectos/killer/>
[2] <http://metadistros.hispalinux.es/>

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