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Re: Please translate press statement

[Knut Yrvin]
> I know that you got a list used by NUUG to different Norwegian media
> Petter. Is it possible for you to do so on Monday?

Actually, you can do so yourself by sending it to
pressemelding(at)nuug.no (moderated, will verify the message and
approve it).  You can also send it to annonsering@nuug.no, which
reaches 7 mailing lists (linuxiskolen (at) is one of them).

Btw, press releases should either be send late at night or early in
the morning, to reach journalists when they start their day.  No use
sending it mid-day or late afternoon, as it increases the chance of
the message being overlooked.

Looking at the list of contact points, please someone call each phone
number and verify that the correct person take the phone and is
prepared to accept calls from journalists.  Journalists rarely use
email, they seem to prefer phone numbers.

I suspect the leader of the FRiSK board should be listed as a contact
too.  What do you say, Ole Anders?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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