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Re: future of debian-edu

Hello all,

i will try to descripe my wishes about skolelinux in this mail.

1. administrationtool

i wish a better gui (web) to manage the server and clients. today lwat
can handle users, groups and maschines. but i want to have a gui, which
manage the other features of the tjener to. maybe the printers, samba
with shares and other new features i will descripe in the follow.

2. pxe-dualboot

i want to boot the clients with pxe, but then i want to choose which
part i want to start. i want to choose between thinclient or local boot,
with windows or with linux workstation or the diskless workstation (or a
rescue linux for the admin)

3. image system (fai, xen, linbo)

if any wishes comes from the teachers i want to change the clients, so i
can deploy new images, maybe new windows or new linux images. i know
that linbo is in work but not finished now. maybe with fai and xen with
lvm (robert from germany works on it) we could handle new images for the
linux or windows (i know it is in work)

4. ocs, nagios

to deploy little changes in the client image i think a tool like ocs is
usefull and to know in what condition the clients are nagios and ocs
together are good. both of them should be preconfigured to handle the

5. italc

i want to use italc preconfigured, so the teachers and the admin can
control the clients/pupils. today we use it with win2k, i heard that it
works with kde3.5 but i tried it with lenny and backport of kde4 and it
doesnt work.

6. rooms / printers /shares

it would be cool if the teacher in one room can control italc and the
printer in his room and the internetaccess of the clients in his room. i
dont understand the netgroups you use today, but i will look for it.
today my chief develop some cgi in phyton to do that for each room. he
allowed me to send it on the mailinglist and i hope next week i have
time to send the scripts. the printeraccess should be controled for each
room and for goups with the gui, the same for shares in samba/nfs so i
can make new shares for groups/courses in the gui and them will
automaticly created

7. multimedia in clients

i would be great if the multimediasupport in the linux clients will be
work out of the box. i mean flash in the browser, sound of the
thinclients i all applications (rosegarden, cdplayer and so on) because
we use moodle with flashmovies, movies localy saved on the server, so
the teacher can open them in the webbrowser and so on

8. wine

i want to use windows software with wine. but first try's show that it
only work when the users install this aplications in his home directory.
i dont know how skole can do something or how the developers of the
winsoftware should do that. we tried it with buddenberg and next we must
try it with lernwerkstatt.

9. desktop

first i want to have less installed software if i install
tjener-thinclient-server so i can after that install only thinks i need.
with this i wish a better menue structure so the links for the software
are better to find. i know the structure of the menue from debian with
the menuepoint "debian" but i think that is confusingly for the users.
maybe it would be better to structure the menue with subjects/lessons (i
dont know the right word) for example structure it at math, biology,
languages and so on. i hope you will in future integrate a workaround
for the instalation of kde4 because i think it looks cool and shows the
pupils that linux could look better than win vista.

10. proxy

is it possibly to manage groups with diffrent acces to the internet, so
the higher pupils will have more access than the younger one? maybe
proxy controled with netgroups? so the higher pupils can do more in the
inet for homeworks?

11. other services

i would be cool if i can control other services integrated in skole with
a gui for maybe an intern/localy cms, moodle and so on

ok, i know that alot of them is in work or will be disscused. but for
now thats my wishes for a future skolelinux.
I hope, i am not to greediest but i see the work in schools. Maybe i
have some wishes forgotten in this mail and i will write it in a next mail.

best wishes and regards, Gerhard

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