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Re: future of debian-edu

Thank you for the list.  Here are some comments on a few of the items,
to let you know what is being worked on for the next release.

[Gerhard Prade]
> 2. pxe-dualboot
> i want to boot the clients with pxe, but then i want to choose which
> part i want to start. i want to choose between thinclient or local boot,
> with windows or with linux workstation or the diskless workstation (or a
> rescue linux for the admin)

This is almost ready for the Lenny based version.  When installing
using the netinst CD, PXE is set up, and if the main-server is also a
thin client server, all clients can boot LTSP.  The diskless
workstation setup is not enabled out of the box, though.  Someone need
to adjust the installer for that to happen.

> 7. multimedia in clients
> i would be great if the multimediasupport in the linux clients will be
> work out of the box. i mean flash in the browser, sound of the
> thinclients i all applications (rosegarden, cdplayer and so on) because
> we use moodle with flashmovies, movies localy saved on the server, so
> the teacher can open them in the webbrowser and so on

The browser multimedia support will improve with the Lenny based
version, but as Adobe have a license on flash making it impossible for
us to distribute it, it is harder to get it installed by default.  We
are supporting the gnash project to get a free flash implementation,
but it is a slow process.  Sound in thin clients should work out of
the box in Lenny.  Let us know if it does not.

> 8. wine
> i want to use windows software with wine. but first try's show that it
> only work when the users install this aplications in his home directory.
> i dont know how skole can do something or how the developers of the
> winsoftware should do that. we tried it with buddenberg and next we must
> try it with lernwerkstatt.

We had wine set up earlier, but was asked by a school to not do it, as
pupils filled up their home directories with windows programs.
Perhaps this should be changed?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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