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PreRelease 06 of Sarge-based Debian-edu

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A lot of time has passed since last prerelease, and some bug changes
have been done

The biggest change is that we use new ltsp-packages, which is built by
debian packages. Since this is more or less the same tools that is used
with lessdisks, lessdisks is no longer on the CD. Also, to get more
education apps onto the CD, some of the developer tools are removed.
There is no Image for the PowerPC this time, I hope to get back with
more info in that department later on.

Changes from pr05 (r4251) to pr06 (r5132)
- ---------------------------------------------
Some of the new packages on the CD:
  Some nice to have packages:
    acpid (better powermanagement for newer laptops)
    desktop-file-utils (better handling of things for workstations)
    gnupg (privacy toolkit)

  Educational software:
    celestia (space simulation)
    edict (english japanese dictionary??)
    gcompris (education games for small children of all ages)
    gperiodic (periodic table app)
    kdeedu (kde educational apps)

  Some desktop tools:
    gimp (image manupilation)
    kmail (seems like people is actually using this :) )
    quanta (web dev environment)

  Sysadm tools
    etherwake (wake up workstations for upgrades ++)
    arping (sysadm toolbox)

  System changes
    ltsp - New LTSP-packages (new upstream release?)

Removal of some packages
  Many developer apps are gone.

Security upgrades:

debian-edu-install upgraded to 0.648 (from 0.646+svn4227)

   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Change tftp directory from /tftpboot/ to /var/lib/tftpboot/,
     to be compatible with new LTSP.
   * Update /usr/ disk size for Main-Server+Workstation from 1440 to
     1750, to avoid running out of disk space with the current set of
   * Fix two typos in the english template text.  (Closes: #310209)
   * Updated Standards-Version to 3.6.2.
   * Translations
     - Last Portoguese update was translated by Eduardo Silva, not
       Miguel Figueiredo.
     - Added Vietnamese by Clytie Siddall. (Closes: #310207)

   [ Bart Cornelis ]
     - Updated Spanish by Pablo Pita Leira. (Closes: #329849)
     - Updated Dutch by Bart Cornelis.

   [ Finn-Arne Johansen ]
   * try to prettify the output of report-edu-reporterr
   * prepared for resolvconf inclusion on the main-server

   * Translations
     - Updated German by Jens Seidel. (Closes: #313684)
     - Updated Catalan by Guillem Jover.
     - Updated Portoguese by Eduardo Silva.
     - Updated German by Maximilian Wilhelm.
     - Updated Danish by Claus Hindsgaul.
     - Updated Norwegian bokmaal and nynorsk by Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes.
     - Updated Polish by Bartosz Fenski. (Closes: #322080)
     - Updated French by Julien Valroff. (Closes: #322121)
     - Updated Japanese by Kenshi Muto. (Closes: #323700)

debian-edu upgraded to 0.803+svn4986 (from 0.803+svn4246)

   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Add ltsp-server-standalone as dependencies for thin-client-server.
     This is the next generation LTSP packages.
   * Add acpid as an alternative to apmd for the laptop task.
   * Now that alternates get | instead of , change
     myspell-fr to myspell-fr | myspell-fr-gut which conflict with each
     other.  Patch from Rene Engelhard. (Closes: #248025)
   * Add kdeedu to desktop-other, to include all those tools
     in a desktop installation.
   * Instead of replacing 'ghostview' with 'gv', insert 'gv | ghostview'
     to make sure the old package is accepted as a dependency.
   * Drop the old LTSP packages.  We want to use the new ones instead.
   * Add 'raidutils | dpt-raidutil' to the common task, as part of the
     sysadmin toolbox, to have some support for adaptec raids.
   * Changed 'Suggests' to 'Depends' in desktop-other to get back
     a few more user applications.
   * Drop pgpgpg from desktop-others and standalone.  Todays tools use
     gnupg directly, so this package is no longer needed.
   * Add scribus to desktop-others.  It is a nice typesetting system.
   * Added some of the packages back into standalone-extras
   * Add kino to standalone-extras.  It is a nice video editor.
   * Add stopmotion to standalone-extras.  It is a nice movie maker.

   [ Finn-Arne Johansen ]
   * Added resolvconf, sudo and rsync to the toolbox
   * Fixed missing "/" to bind lines together, causing resolvconf and
     others not to be included

   [ Theodore Karkoulis ]
   * Added greek locale dependencies to the tasks. Added
     packages are:
     o kde-18n-el
     o koffice-i18n-el
     o openoffice.org-l10n-el, openoffice.org-help-el, myspell-el-gr
     o ttf-mgopen, ttf-freefont
     o mozilla-firefox-locale-el, mozilla-thunderbird-locale-el

debian-edu-config upgraded to 0.398+svn5130 (from 0.398+svn4246)

   [ Bjorn Ove Grotan ]
   * Added astrative password-change utility (tools/jrpasswd)

   [ Morten Werner Olsen ]
   * Fixed the permissions on the config-file (pxelinux.cfg/config) for
   * Updated cf/cf.kdm to get a little bit more interesting background
     for the login-screen.
   * Added myself as uploader.
   * Deliver mail to root as the mail-user (not root). This prevented
     mail for root to be delivered.

   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Add LSB init.d headers to document boot time dependencies.
   * Use new script debian-edu-ltsp to build LTSP environment
     using the new LTSP debian packages.
   * Make sure missing sound card don't give a warning dialog box.
   * Make sure testsuite/php is no longer used.  We do not
     install PHP any more.
   * Only run testsuite/{ldap-server,webmin,webserver} on Main-Server
   * Only run testsuite/{ldap-client,ntp,webcache} on Main-Server,
     Workstation and Thin-Client-Server installs.
   * Only run testsuite/dhcpd on Main-Server and Thin-Client-Server
   * Only report missing kdm and X server as information when running
     the testsuite, as these are started after this point in the
     installation sequence.
   * Start on script ltsp-make-client to convert a LTSP thin client
     chroot to a more complete client installation.

   [ Finn-Arne Johansen ]
   * Fixed Typo preventing hidden home dir mounting from Windows server
     Thanks to Bernt Johnsen AFK for discovering
   * Close debconf fd before init-script runs, prevents initscripts
     from runing cleanly (Closes: #301565)
   * Made nightkill a bit more quiet
   * Made debian-edu-config Replace,Conflict and Provide ncs
     (fixes debian-edu bug #975)
   * Fixed missing translation from installasjon -> installation in
     cf.cups (Closes: #967)
   * Disabled ldap idletimeout, since kdm fails to set up a new
   * tftpboot files are moved from /tftpboot into /var/lib/tftpboot,
     rewritten dhcpd.conf, and added script debian-edu-pxelinux.cfg to
     help maintain pxelinux.cfg/default (Partly closes: #905)
   * Fixed typo in tools/ldapdump.sh to remove error-message
   * Added support for using /usr/share/d-e-c/tools/passwd as non-root

   [ Ragnar Wisloff ]
   * Changed permissions on /etc/skel/.kde/share/config/kmailrc to make
     only user readable. (Fixes debian-edu bug #887)
   * Added cf.sysstat which enables the sysstat system
   * Added Nagios config files and amended cf.nagios to fit. (Fixes
     debian-edu bug #953 and #954).
   * Fixed missing logos from NAgios package.
   * Added UserDir config to cf.apache. Fixes debian-edu bug #639.

   [ Frode Jemtland ]
   * Corrected errors about php4 in cf.apache
   * Updated information about ServerAdmin in cf.apache
   * Added language support for nb, no and nn in cf.apache
   * Commented out mime type nb in cf.apache
   * Closes skolelinux bug: #938 and #864
   * Added files to /var/www: index.html.nb, index.html.en,
     logo-trans.png, skl-ren_css.css. Closes: #942.
   * Fixed typos in html files.

   [ Andreas Schuldei ]
   * extending ldap-debian-edu-install to deal with cases where
     /etc/shadow does not exist (for uml test installations)

The new image is availible from developer by rsync(preffered if you have
an old image) or ftp.
with rsync (all on one line):
ftp.skolelinux.no::skolelinux-cd/debian-edu_sarge-i386-pr06.iso .

or with FTP

For known bugs an limitations, please look at
or look through bugzilla at

oh yes - the Checksum of the image is 2c19ab35e44a44221350581d63e1e23b

- --
Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
PreRelease manager for sarge-based Debian-edu

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