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Problems with pr06 of Sarge-based debian-edu

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Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> A lot of time has passed since last prerelease, and some bug changes
> have been done
> The biggest change is that we use new ltsp-packages, which is built by
> debian packages. Since this is more or less the same tools that is used
> with lessdisks, lessdisks is no longer on the CD. 

This is an advisory to not use this preRelease for production, and a
call for help.

While we have tested the new LTSP a lot on different thin clients, there
was one important test that we had not done yet. And that one was
big-scale testing. What we found out yesterday, is that there is some
kind of locking problem, that we dont see when we test with one client
at the time, but that hits us hard when using more than one client.
What happens is when you boot more than 1 client at once, all but 1
clients are experiencing NFS-timouts

Also, if you have some clients already booted, and ready to use, log in
on one ore more of them, then boot a new clients, you will experience
that your clients are locked while the last client is booting. I'm not
sure what happens if you have successfully booted some clients and log
in on them (without booting more clients).

We have experienced this on one network with different servers.
We would also like to hear from others with a bigscale installation with
the new ltsp-setup.

What is also strange is that we have not experienced the same problem
when using lessdisks for thin clients, and I also think I've read about
ubuntu installations using (more or less) the same packages that we do,
without these problems.
Lessdisks and the new LTSP share a lot of code, and uses the same
methods for booting.
I have not yet tested this with more than 1 client myself, and I have
not tested that the lessdisks is installable if installed from pr06.

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