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Re: guterslohn network address range

On Mit, 20 Jul 2005, Geert Stappers wrote:
> There are good things in saying: "it doesn't work that way"
> However it means explaining why it can't work.
> But time for the teaching is not available.
> Neither can't the explain time be spend on finding a solution.
> The disadvantage of shouting "that can't work" is that it hinders
> innovation. Lucky there is the proverb:
>   Don't tell is can't be done to men who are doing so
> Florian, if you think it can work, then show us.

i think you should simply read the manual, then test it, and you will see why
iptables uses sometimes the prerouting tables.

> > On this list its not common to insult people.
> Allowing bull shit is neither common.
> The risky thing about acausing one of talking bull shit
> is that it easy escalates.  And why flame when the other one is
> joking, sabotaging or just clueless???
ok, no problem, your are right flaming on a german mailing list in english,
so believe what you like, do what .. i don't care i unsubscribe. bye.

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