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Re: rom-o-matic.net / Workstations mit lessdisks

Am 13.02.2005 um 23:29 schrieb Klaus Ade Johnstad:
As far as I know, lessdisk only works with pxe at the moment.
Oh no! Then it will never work this way. But they don't mention it at their site (http://lessdisks.sourceforge.net/installation)
Are you
trying with bootfloppies?
Yes, I try to get running with a boot floppy first and want to change to NICs with Boot-ROM later. But I don't use the skolelinux-distribution but a standard-woody. I would like to have a thinner server and was not able to understand all the preconfiguration things that skolelinux does. So I had to install from scratch...

Klaus, thank you for insisting in other floppies/drives - without that I won't ever come so far!

Herzliche Grüße
Dirk Wenzel

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