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Re: Toronto Bug Squashing Party in April

Le 19-04-03 à 01 h 52, Sergio Durigan Junior a écrit :
> I know our cities are not really close to each other, and I know that
> travelling for a one-day event can be tough, but we would love to see
> more members of the Debian Québécois movement here with us.  This event
> will be important because, if all goes right, it will help us bootstrap
> a much needed Debian community here in Toronto (I still can't believe we
> don't have one).

Hi Sergio & others,

Sadly, I won't be able to make it this time but I think it's a great
initiative and wish you lots of success.

Let's keep the channels of communication open and hopefully this might
become a more regular thing in the future!

-- Jerome

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