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Re: Toronto Bug Squashing Party in April

On Wednesday, April 03 2019, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:

> On 19-04-03 01 h 52, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
>> I know our cities are not really close to each other, and I know that
>> travelling for a one-day event can be tough, but we would love to see
>> more members of the Debian Québécois movement here with us.  This event
>> will be important because, if all goes right, it will help us bootstrap
>> a much needed Debian community here in Toronto (I still can't believe we
>> don't have one).
> Hey Sergio!

Hey, Louis-Philippe :-)

> I wanted to write to you but it seems you bested me!
> Do you have any idea if crash space will be available at the venue or
> anywhere else not far from there?

Hm, to be completely honest with you, we currently don't have plans to
have a crash space.  I know how important this is to some people, but I
guess none of us thought about that because it will be a 1-day BSP.

> For me, being able to bring a sleeping bag and not have to pay for a
> hotel room 2 nights in a row would make the difference between a 'I have
> to think about it' and a 'Sure I'll come' :D

Yeah, I totally understand.  I find it unlikely that Mozilla will let
people sleep at the office, so I guess we'll have to talk between
ourselves and decide how to go about this.  I'll keep you guys updated,


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