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Re: DebConf in Montreal in 2016

On 2014-09-15 13:47, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> [...] If you're interested in helping out
> organizing DebConf16 and/or preparing the bid; please add your name to
> the wiki [1], we can all schedule a meeting very soon to hammer out the
> details. There is a ton of things[2] to look into, so if you can, please
> also write down what you'd be interested in helping out with.[...]

I've added myself, anyone editing that wiki should keep in mind it
requires approval - you can't edit it directly if you didn't have a
previous account there.

Was there any formal presentation about this at DebConf?

> Unless people think it would be too much volume to discuss organization
> details on this list, I think don't need to request a new list be
> created for that purpose.

Agreed, IRC will probably be more efficient for this. The next week
starting this Saturday there are going to be quite a few free software
events in Montreal, perhaps we could agree on piggy-backing on one of
them: http://agendadulibre.qc.ca



Fabián Rodríguez - XMPP/Jabber+OTR: magicfab@member.fsf.org

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