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[Debian-NYC] Freedom Box Foundation Kickstarter


Yesterday, the Freedom Box Foundation started a campaign on KickStarter
to raise $60K in 30 days.  The plan is to use the money as an initial
seed resource for getting the foundation off the ground.  This means
pulling together some dedicated staff and starting the heavy fund raising
that this project will eventually require.

For those of you who don't know, the Freedom Plug will be a plug
computer net appliance (likely running Debian) that provides services
and manages your traffic, all with an eye toward allowing you to take
back control of your privacy and security.  The plan is to implement a
freedom stack of technologies that allow secure, decentralized apps,
distributed encrypted backups, identity management, etc.  Eventually, we
want to spread the social network out across all these devices.  If it
can go on a server, we'll want a simple, end-user friendly version of it
for the Freedom Plug.

Eben Moglen talked about the Freedom Box in the NYTimes:

The Foundation page is at https://freedomboxfoundation.org/ and you can
go to
to donate via kickstarter.

Please also help us get the word out!  Tell your friends to donate!
Tell your email lists.  And if you're on facebook, please like us there:

If you want to help out, drop me a line or contact
info@freedomboxfoundation.org to reach Ian Sullivan.

We want the community to be our first and most important resource, from
code to cash.  Keep us beholden to nobody but you.  Support the Freedom
Box Foundation now!

Thanks much,
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