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Re: [Debian-NYC] squeeze release party

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 12:22 AM, Jordan Orelli <jordanorelli@gmail.com> wrote:
Anyone want to go a non-residence?


What's the crowd size? What would be needed in terms of space, food/drink, etc?

Well we have a dozen people saying yes here on the list and past socials at PS have hit 30. Do we need to set up an eventbrite or something for this so we have a more accurate headcount? Or perhaps a place where people can RSVP with what they are bringing?

Also, how do we set this up with GA and is there anything we need to know for network / internet access or other logistical considerations?  What is GA's policy on beer/alcohol? I didn't see much information on their website, perhaps Lee can fill in some of this.

Problem is I don't think there's an oven to make things like nachos or dip,

I could bring my beenzawave if need be: http://beanzawave.co.uk/

and the TV isn't set up yet.

Maybe a projector in a space like this?

Is this something we need? I will probably bring my Eyeclops video projector. (disclaimer: like the beenzawave, this is a toy and not a high-end video projector. 

More importantly, I am guessing we will need to verify availability and exact times with GA. What time are people thinking of?

- Forest
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