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[Debian-NYC] Novice night tonight: planning


Novice night is tonight.  The announcement says 1830-1900 for
most arrivals, but if you are helping feel free to arrive earlier to
help set up.

I'll bring the mirror, a gigabit 8-port, and a bunch of ethernet
cables, and 15-20 left over CD-Rs from last time.

What else could we use?  I am thinking:
- Power strips (maybe)
- More ethernet switches
- Maybe more ethernet
Anything else?

Some suggestions from people last time are on this page.  I'd
recommend reading over them:

Things I can think of now are:
- Remind people not to download stuff from outside.  If something
  isn't on the mirror, then try to download it only once and put it on
  the mirror.
- I liked Lee's idea of "hack teams" - we should try to cluster people
  working on similar things near each other.
- One thing I noticed last time was that people sat close together
  when they first got there, so that later arrivals had to sit farther
  away.  That also mean they sort of had fewer "experts" there.  I
  think we should try to leave space and even things out some.

What do you all think?  What preparation needs to be done?

- richard

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