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Re: [Debian-NYC] Wed, celebrating Debian's birthday?

Listen guys, I know everyone loves PS. It's a great location, and there are many things to like about it, especially if you live near by. Almost every single DebianNYC social is at PS, and for good reason.

In this case we accidentally scheduled a meeting that conflicts with the NYLUG meeting, and for a couple reasons rescheduling is not ideal. On any other night, I would be saying, "Let's hit PS, we haven't been in a while".

On this night, I'd like to implore the group to see if we can't facilitate some post DebConf NYLUG and DebianNYC love. :) I'm fairly comfortable changing the NYLUG venue from TGI Fridays, to pretty much anything else, (and pretty much have a standing order from most of the membership to do so) but I believe there is some expectation that we don't take people out of Manhattan. (We can probably leave the midtown area.. if people have suggestions.)

I don't go out much these days, so I don't know a ton of good venues in Manhattan, but would propose that we find one, and would love to see people propose ideas. One option, which I have visited once, may make a reasonable venue. Probably not as comfy or ideal as PS, but certainly head and shoulders better than TGIF's. That venue is listed here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/murphys-pub-new-york

I'd invite those that are more familiar with Manhattan drinking and dining to offer alternatives.

Thanks for listening,
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