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Re: [Debian-NYC] Wed, celebrating Debian's birthday?

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 1:08 AM, Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> wrote:
 I'm fairly comfortable changing the NYLUG venue from TGI Fridays, to pretty much anything else, (and pretty much have a standing order from most of the membership to do so)

This is not so surprising. At the risk of flogging a dead Pferd, TGI Fridays sucks a big balmer bazooka. I know I don't have to bore anyone on this list with a litany of complaints, but will only add NYLUG is lucky to have made due for so long, but it's time to put that Pferd to rest.

+1 for a Manhattan location, anywhere but TGIF. 
I am a fan of PS, but would not be able to make it out to Brooklyn this week.

Also, who is picking up the birthday cake?

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