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Re: [Debian-NYC] workshop #1 script

Hi Kevin--

On 10/30/2009 01:42 PM, Kevin Mark wrote:
> I wrote this script based upon the first workshop, I tried it on Ubuntu Jaunty.
> Could someone check if it runs on Debian?  

What O/S have you tested it on?  which versions of debian are you
interested in?

I note that the script repeatedly requests superuser privileges (via
sudo) -- this isn't something i'd normally test-run because of that, so
i just did a read-through review

> sudo apt-get source $PKG

there's no need to run apt-get source as the superuser -- better to run
it as the non-privileged account.

> sudo apt-get build-dep $PKG

this is reasonable, but you might also want to make sure the host has
the following packages installed for building most packages -- they're
just handy to have around:

  build-essential, fakeroot, devscripts, debhelper

> sudo chown $ME:$ME $PKGVER-$DEBVER.diff.gz
> sudo chown $ME:$ME $PKGVER.orig.tar.gz
> sudo chown $ME:$ME $PKGVER-$DEBVER.dsc
> sudo chown -R $ME:$ME $PKGVER2

these shouldn't be necessary if you run apt-get source as the regular user.

The rest of the script looks reasonable to me as a terse distillation of
what we did (though the ls|rev|cut|cut|rev lines look like some wicked
sorcery to me and i confess i haven't spent the time to understand them!)

The specific tools we went over were crucial components of the
discussion we had, and i think this script covers many of them.  But i
think the *concepts* covered were in some ways more important than the
specific tools -- ideas like suites, architectures, bug reports, etc.
will all be relevant on into the future, even if you ultimately find
different tools or techniques for doing what we talked about.

Thanks for writing this up and posting it, Kevin!


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