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[Debian-NYC] workshop #1 script

Hi *,
I wrote this script based upon the first workshop, I tried it on Ubuntu Jaunty.
Could someone check if it runs on Debian?  
export DEBEMAIL="kevin.mark@verizon.net"
export DEBFULLNAME="Kevin Mark"
#rmadison $PKG
sudo apt-get source $PKG
sudo apt-get build-dep $PKG
PKGVER=$(ls $PKG*.dsc|head -1|rev|cut -d\. -f2-|cut -d\- -f2-|rev)
DEBVER=$(ls $PKG*.dsc|head -1|rev|cut -d\. -f2-|cut -d\- -f1|rev)
PKGVER2=$(echo $PKGVER|sed "s/_/-/")

#ls $PKGVER-$DEBVER.diff.gz
#ls $PKGVER.orig.tar.gz

sudo chown $ME:$ME $PKGVER-$DEBVER.diff.gz
sudo chown $ME:$ME $PKGVER.orig.tar.gz
sudo chown $ME:$ME $PKGVER-$DEBVER.dsc
sudo chown -R $ME:$ME $PKGVER2

echo "
--- /usr/share/misc/units.dat.orig      2009-03-19 17:27:00.000000000 +0000
+++ /usr/share/misc/units.dat   2009-03-19 17:30:42.000000000 +0000
@@ -2736,6 +2736,7 @@
 point                   computerpoint
 computerpica            12 computerpoint  # to an even 1|72 inch by computer
 postscriptpoint         computerpoint     # people at some point.
+twip                    1|20 computerpoint # abbreviation of twentieth of a point
 pspoint                 postscriptpoint
 Q                       1|4 mm            # Used in Japanese phototypesetting
" > twip.patch

#echo $PKGVER2

cd $PKGVER2;
#patch --dry-run < ../twip.patch
patch < ../twip.patch
dch -i "adding twip path"
dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us
cd ..
ARCH=$(ls "$PKGVER-$DEBVER"*".changes"|rev|cut -d\. -f2-|cut -d\_ -f1|rev)
MODVER=$(ls "$PKGVER-$DEBVER"*".changes"|rev|cut -d\. -f2-|cut -d\_ -f2-|rev)
echo "$MODVER"_"$ARCH"
#ls "$MODVER".diff.gz
#ls "$MODVER".dsc
#ls "$MODVER"_"$ARCH".deb
#ls "$MODVER"_"$ARCH".changes
sudo dpkg --install "$MODVER"_"$ARCH".deb
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