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Re: [Debian-NYC] NYC DC10, let me into orga team :)

Hello Adnan,

Of course you can join!  Right now there isn't much to do (besides
small local meetings with possible venues), but as time comes there
will be plenty more to do.

I'd recommend signing up on our localteam list:
and possibly the -team list:
though on the -team list there is mostly DC9 traffic right now

(btw, if you want to help with DC9, that would be great, too!).

Keep on IRC, and as you see us doing stuff, chime in.

On Fri, Jun 05, 2009 at 05:16:13PM +0200, Adnan Hodzic wrote:

> In 2007, DebConf7, there was a bidding between Sarajevo and Edinburgh,
> of course I was in Sarajevo organization team. As we all know, Sarajevo
> lost, Edinburgh won I was invited as honorary guest, and this was my
> first DebConf. 

It's unfortunate you lost then, but I'm sure you learned a lot that
will help us out.

> I'd really love to help in any possible way, especially because I'm
> planning to bid Sarajevo again for DC11 where I would be a leader of
> organization team, so any experience I can acquire would be more then

This is another great reason, yes.  Be sure you give the German bid a
good run.

Hope to see you next summer,

- Richard

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