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[Debian-NYC] NYC DC10, let me into orga team :)


I'm Adnan Hodzic (AbsintheSyringe) from Tuzla, Bosnia where I reside,
work and study. Even though most of you got to know me through
#debian-nyc on oftc, I still had this urge to properly introduce

+ Linux

I've been involved with Linux since ~99 as I remember (my virgin distro
was Caldera 2.0). In meantime I tried almost every distro there is,
sticking mostly to RedHat and then later on Slackware for which I also
did as much development as I could, also maintained couple of packages
on SlackBuilds.

I also did some work for RedHat/Fedora but nothing noticeable. Couple of
bugs, some translations. 

+ Debian

I've been around Debian since ~2005, from the time when I actually had
my own hosting service, when it came to my attention how powerful Debian
was when set as server platform. Later on (intentionally) just felt
madly in love with it, and here I am now :) 

Right now I'm sticking mostly to bugs in Debian, did some translations.
For some time now I'm trying to become an official Debian developer
(package maintainer) in future I definitely plan to stick to Debian and
be actively involved in its further development. 

In 2007, DebConf7, there was a bidding between Sarajevo and Edinburgh,
of course I was in Sarajevo organization team. As we all know, Sarajevo
lost, Edinburgh won I was invited as honorary guest, and this was my
first DebConf. 

During DC7, I had an ... epiphany. Where I said, this is where I want to
be, and this is the crowd I want to hang out with, this is my LUG, these
are my new best friends :) 

+ Debconf 10, NYC

Next year, more precisely next summer, I'll be spending in NYC area on
one of the SUNY campuses. I have just finished my sophomore year at
AUBIH (www.aubih.edu.ba) where I'm student of Information Technology.
Next summer they are sending me for this "summer semester" in the
States. AUBIH is "co-partnered" with SUNY Canton, where we actually have
"dual program" that is lectures, books and study plans from SUNY Canton,
as we were students at their university. 

I have already talked to the professors, even a SUNY Canton provost and
they have all granted and welcomed my requests to be there only for the
minimum possible time in order to help working on DC10. I'd have two
courses during that summer besides other "obligations", but since I'm a
superb student no one really showed any concern that I'm going to miss
out/fail on accomplishing any of the tasks in such short notice.

I'd really love to help in any possible way, especially because I'm
planning to bid Sarajevo again for DC11 where I would be a leader of
organization team, so any experience I can acquire would be more then
valuable and useful, even for any of my future professional career. I
believe I'm highly responsible and trustworthy person.

From being in organization team for Sarajevo couple of years ago, and
now having opportunity to be in organization team for NYC, that would be
just ... wow.

If anything, wouldn't it just be plain fun to have a foreign guy on the
team? :) Also let me note that, in my past I've been in NYC of couple of
occasions and even finished my junior high school year in the area. So I
wouldn't be all that new :)

So please accept this request to help you organize DC10 in NYC. 


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