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Re: [Debian-NYC] [Fwd: DebConf10 pre-proposal: New York City]

* Ron Guerin <ron@vnetworx.net> [2008-08-11 17:17-0400]:
> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> On Aug 11, 2008, at 7:01 PM, Micah Anderson wrote:
>>> * Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@eds.org> [2008-08-11 15:31-0400]:
>>>> The last Podcamp NYC was at Poly, about 250 signed up, with a peak of
>>>> 160ish at once.  The total Podcamp paid Poly was about $3k.  Compare
>>>> that to the previous year in a big hotel's conference center: $30k.
>>>> Barcamp NYC was just there, it had 24/7 access to one 10m x 20m room
>>>> with 9 projectors, and 9am-11pm access to the rest of the spaces.  I
>>>> think the budget for Poly was $2k.  Poly just merged with NYU, and
>>>> NYU is a money-making machine, so that might change.  Hopefully not.
>>> Can you give an idea of how long these events lasted for? Debconf is
>>> typically just shy of 2 weeks, with a smaller debcamp before-hand,   
>>> and a
>>> larger 1 week event as the main attraction.
>> The camps are 1-3 days, so short.  The Poly campus is pretty dead in   
>> summer, so two weeks should be possible. But it would also be good to   
>> mix it up a bit, NYC is a big place.  So perhaps the camp could be at   
>> one location, and the conf at another.
>> Also, there is a hacklab 5 minutes away from Poly:
>> http://www.nycresistor.com/
> Google has made their facilities in Chelsea available for community  
> events in the past, without charge.  This of course is nowhere near  
> Poly, but would be easy on the budget.

Community events meaning one-time evening events, I gather? 

Debconf is a week plus long hack-fest, with people awake at all hours of
the night doing things in whatever hacklab there is. I cannot imagine us
doing anything but wearing out our welcome at any regular place of
business right quick. Mixing it up can be good, but it can be bad for a
number of reasons. Logistically, having multiple setups is not good, as
it typically takes some time to get things prepared beforehand, but
having disparate locations that are unconnected, or require significant
travel between venues has been a significant disadvantage of debconfs

There needs to be a central location that doesn't change that people can
be at all hours of the night for over a week straight without pissing
people off. 


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