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Re: [Debian-NYC] [Fwd: DebConf10 pre-proposal: New York City]

On Monday 11 August 2008 14:41:15 Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> All of that sounds great. I know where Polytechnic is and it would be a
> fine location. More information would be appreciated.

I am an alumni of Polytechnic and have many friends currently there.  I 
suspect we'd be able to make requests and pull some strings ...

I remember DrupalCampNYC being held at Poly:


There are quite a number of facilities that would be beneficial to running a 


For the record: I am a contributor for an entirely different distro.  But I 
believe in Debian's social goals and am glad of the stances Debian takes 
towards non-free software issues.  I also am pro linux-developers-meeting-up 
... because we all share many of the problems and development issues.  (Hence 
why I joined this list, and because no other distro had an NYC specific list.)

Cool beans,

Sunny Dubey
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