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Re: [Debian-NYC] Yet Another Introduction Email

* Yaroslav Halchenko <yoh@psychology.rutgers.edu> [2008-07-10 12:23-0400]:
> > > PS: I'm looking for someone to sign my replacement GPG key; my first
> > > one met a rather unfortunate end.
> > Well, if you are looking for a key sign with a DD there's a few in the
> > area, personally, I'm around the West Village during the day and my
> > place is in Harlem, so if this matches your commute or something, we
> > could sign keys. Other DDs are in the area too. However, if you are
> yeah -- I am in Newark... today will be in Russian Vodka room on
> Manhattan in the
> evening, thus if you feel urge to sign - stop by ;-) (don't forget
> ID(s))

Mmmm Russian vodka, too bad I can't go tonight, that sounds like fun.

I'm in the village, close to union sq. and between east and west
village (right near washington sq. park), you are welcome to come by
for a key signing. 

Otherwise, come on Thursday to Pacific Standard and get your key
signed by everyone.


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