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Re: [Debian-NYC] Yet Another Introduction Email

On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 14:02 -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> Hey all,
> I recently moved NYC part time, and I was interested in getting
> involved with a Debian usergroup, so here I am, and hello :-).

Welcome :)

> I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Michael, I run Debian on amd64,
> i386, arm, mips(el), m68k, powerpc, kfreebsd-i386, and hurd-i386. I'm
> an active porter for m68k (and semi-active on hurd), and well ... if
> you have any questions, ask ;-).

Wow, do you actually run kFreeBSD on production? Hurd too?

> PS: I'm looking for someone to sign my replacement GPG key; my first
> one met a rather unfortunate end.

Well, if you are looking for a key sign with a DD there's a few in the
area, personally, I'm around the West Village during the day and my
place is in Harlem, so if this matches your commute or something, we
could sign keys. Other DDs are in the area too. However, if you are
looking for more general key signing, this would be the perfect timing
to do a get-together again.

David Moreno <david@axiombox.com>
 +1 917 715 5664

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