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Re: Report from FSCONS 2015

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 10:15 PM, OpenLifeChallenge
<contact@openlifechallenge.cc> wrote:
> On 2015-11-23 21:56, Per Andersson wrote:
>> Several people also asked for stickers, t-shirts, and other
>> merchandise. This is something that would be very
>> popular. (I'll try to at least get some stickers printed.)
> How about funding Debian activities for awareness & expansion through
> merch? Simple business model and can lay foundation for viable strategy
> of other gifts to Nordic communities.
>> There were also a discussion about hosting a mini-debconf
>> somewhere in the nordic countries. This would be very cool.
>> Does anyone have ideas on where to host a nordic
>> mini-debconf?
>> --
>> Per
> Would be very nice! I don't know if there are regular meetup Debian
> groups around Nordic but travel-wise I guess a place like Karlstad in
> western Sweden could be an interesting place? I have a contact in public
> sector there mentioning someting like ICT costs are 90% system updates &
> maintenance and 10% development of services. Debian and Free Software
> could flip that around.

Great entry for a mini-debconf theme. :-)


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