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Re: FSCONS Last Year

On 02/04/2015 08:18 PM, Kåre Thor Olsen wrote:
> This year's Debian Conference will take place in Heidelberg, Germany (next 
> year will be in Canada or South Africa), so it might be a good idea to take 
> the opportunity and do something then, e.g. an official or unofficial meeting, 
> or at least try to get in touch with some of the Nordics going there anyway, 
> but perhaps not being aware of this initiative.
Definitely agreeing with Per & Kaare! Also to start coordinating events
here/@IRC which could be good to attend and organise meetups at. I see
for example that FOSDEM attendance could have been a good opportunity
for a Nordic meetup.
> Since it is easily done, I think we should create an IRC channel "now" on 
> OFTC, and invite people to join.  Personally, I'm more inclined to attend an 
> event if I know a few of the other people beforehand from e.g. IRC or a list 
> like this one.
Totally! That would be great! I also found some resonance within the
dialogue during FSCONS about something more organised as well. Something
mentioned was e.g. a business which provides help to Nordic
organisations who want to use Debian as a stable base to their ICT.

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