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Re: FSCONS Last Year


On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Ross Gammon <rossgammon@mail.dk> wrote:
> Hi Per,
> So now we have a new Nordic list :-)
> I had been meaning to ask what happened to the notes you were taking in
> gobby during our Debian Nordic meet-up at FSCONS last year (because I
> had to leave early - and my laptop battery was dead). Are they stored
> anywhere?

The nates are available on Mozilla Etherpad


> I know creating a mailing list was the first action! Thanks for
> initiating that.

I think that the next step (without following any actual order
or contents in the pad linked above) is to get visible (Debian News?),
meet (in conjunction with a conference maybe?), and also show how
people can participate and help the Debian community (Bug Squashing
Parties, Bug Report Parties, Release parties, collaborations with others


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